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Beaumont EDM Machines - Fast Cooling Holes - Aerospace / Gas Turbines

Beaumont has designed, engineered,customized and manufactured EDM machines in USA for over 25 years. 

Beaumont Machines is proud to have innovatedthe Fast Hole EDM machine, specifically for raidly drilling large quantities of cooling holes, for the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine industry. 

Standard Beaumont EDM Machine System

The standard Beaumont EDM machine features: Fanuc31-B5 controls, 15” LCD Color Screen, Fanuc drives, Operator’s remote pendant, EBBCO Dielectric systems, Medium & High Pressure Flush, 2000 RPM Spindle, B Axis with Heidenhain Glass Scale (Tilting Head) +/- 120 degrees, Granite table with SS inserts.

Beaumont Fast Hole - Latest Model FH 60 


Six Axis Beaumont EDM Fast Hole

The latest “6-Axis Fast Hole” Beaumont Machine, has with on / off time of 999 micro seconds each way and 65 AMPs current supply, with spindle rotation of 2,000 RPM and pressure of water through the electrode at 2,000psi at 18 to 20 μS.

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Aerospace Blade and Vane Cooling Holes 

Cooling gas turbine blades as in air is done in many forms: "convection, film, transpiration cooling, cooling effusion, pin fin cooling etc" described in categories as internal and external cooling.

Beaumont EDM Machines are used by, Pratt & Whitney and General Electric as well as many first and second tier companies to develop both metering holes and diffuser shaped holes in Aerospace components.

Beaumont Machine's unique EDM drilling assembly and power supply enable Beaumont's EDM's to drill faster than any other EDM without the worry of leaving excessive recast or micro-cracking that is commonly seen both by EDM and Laser processes.

Land Based Turbine Power Generation

Cooling turbine blades is critical as high temperatures can damage the turbine, as the blades are under stress and the base materials become weaker at high temperature.

Beaumont USA machine large, open architecture and tilting head design are ideal to machine large parts, and they require fewer and easier part set ups.

With 60 inches of travel and a drilling assembly capable of rotating 240 degrees, Beaumont Machine EDM's are the best machine for large blades, vanes, seals and transition ducts.


Our finely tuned EDM power supply, combined with our rigid machine build and robust industrial Fanuc control enables Beaumont Machine EDM to create results that far exceed the quality, precision and speed of any Ultrasonics process.

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